Our story began with the vision and passion of Jim and Karen Frisinger. Jim had fallen in love. There was something about the winemaking process, the combination of art and science, which kept him coming back for more. So after earning his masters in Viticulture and Oenology from U.C. Davis, Jim and Karen purchased a vacant 20-acre parcel of land in the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley in 1981. With hard work and determination, they harvested their first vintage in 1985, allowing them to turn the land into a vineyard estate and family home.

The family produced several vintages of Frisinger chardonnay from the estate’s vineyard in the 1980’s. At this point, Jim turned his focus to enhancing his career at Beringer where he was a viticulturist at the time. Since then, the premium grapes Jim grew at that property have been sold to renowned wineries including Chateau Montelana, Duckhorn and, of course, Beringer. However, the vision of the family winery was put on hold.

Today, Jim and Karen’s son, Karl Frisinger and his wife Rachel, take great pride in reviving the Frisinger Family winery business. They’ve created a boutique winery that makes premium estate grown wine, and the wine press that appears on their label was on the land in 1981 when their family first purchased the property. It is a representation of the tradition they so greatly value.

Paying homage to the rich land and culture of Napa Valley, visitors are invited to enjoy tasty and memorable experiences with their loved ones. Because family is the foundation of all that we do, we want to welcome you to ours.


Frisinger Family Winery